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The HEOS App

Controls your home audio experience

Connect to your wireless network and play. Easy.

Fill each room with music or your TV’s audio.

HEOS integrates perfectly with your Total Control system.



Whole home multi-zone audio in a single chassis.

  • 4 HEOS Link Amplified zones in one unit.

  • Sound grouping allows you to enjoy TV sound throughout all HEOS zones

  • Controllable through HEOS Android and iOS apps, in addition to other popular control systems.




Heos wireless pre-amplifier: turn any stereo system into a wireless zone.

  • Turn any stereo system into a wireless zone.

  • Play your favorite music from a range of streaming services as well as your smartphone, tablet, USB drives or other external device.

  • Control your Denon receiver, integrated amplifier or mini system right from the HEOS app.




Outstanding TV and music audio.

  • Dramatic wide range high fidelity sound from your TV and Blu-ray player or cable/satellite tuner

  • Operates as a HEOS zone for music listening

  • Advanced DSP processor delivers immersive virtual surround sound